Shipping Information for Mister Soda Pops

How much does shipping cost?

Absolutely nothing! Mister Soda Pops is happy to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the continental United States, ensuring our customers enjoy our delightful range of beverages without extra charges.

When will my order be dispatched?

Pops is dedicated to processing your order swiftly to ensure quick turnaround times and prompt tracking updates. We aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours from the time of order placement, excluding weekends and holidays. Normally, orders received on Friday afternoon or during the weekend are scheduled for shipment by Tuesday.

What’s the estimated delivery time?

Expect your Mister Soda Pops order to arrive within approximately 7 business days, not counting weekends or holidays. 

If there's an unexpected delay, particularly with items that are out of stock, we will proactively reach out to inform you, should we anticipate exceeding our standard delivery timeframe.

For any inquiries after the expected delivery period, feel free to contact our customer service team.


Unfortunately, we can not accept returns do to the nature of potential product tampering.