Take a Sip Down Memory Lane at Mister Soda Pops

We all remember walking around the neighborhood with friends on those hot summer days, always ending up at "insert name's" house, wondering what we should do today. Go to the neighborhood pool? Play wiffleball, or frisbee, maybe shoot some hoops, or take a stroll up to the corner store? The days were long and all ours...

Or when we were 'down the shore,' on the boardwalk?

Ahhhh...the snacks, flavors, and smells. We didn’t know at the time that those senses would be implanted in our memory to this day! Incredible memories of simpler times we would all love to bring back.  Well, of course, we can’t turn back time, but we do KNOW that ‘nothing tastes better than nostalgia’!

So come visit us today at Mister Soda Pops and get a 'sip down memory lane’ where we offer a taste of the old days. Our selection of soda pop, old-time candy and snacks will definitely take you back to those special days! Where you can enjoy the tastes you remember and maybe find some new flavors to relish.

Mister Soda Pops opened in the summer of 2022 by the Cattani family, a Bucks County Legacy.

The Cattani family have been working hard in the Philadelphia beverage industry since 1915. Mister Soda Pops is one of the most unique stores of its kind.
“We want to offer the products that bring people back to a simpler time in their lives,” noted Fran Cattani, owner, and founder of Mister Soda Pops. “We offer over 500 flavors of craft soda pop, the best selection of craft cocktail mixers, and a great selection of old-time candy, snacks, jerky and hot sauce.”
Now you know where to go for those hard-to-find items you can’t find in your grocery store!

Visit us at 317 West Lincoln Hwy in Pendel.
Contact us at 215-750-3770 or online at mistersodapops.com.