Nostalgic Sodas to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Nostalgic Sodas to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while adults often pair their sumptuous dinner with their favorite wines and cocktails, what about the younger crowd—or those who are simply young at heart? This year, why not take a different route and celebrate with some nostalgic sodas that will take you on a trip down memory lane? 

 Cheerwine: A Taste of Southern Tradition

Let’s start by highlighting a soda that has stood the test of time—Cheerwine. In 1917, L.D. Peeler created this uniquely cherry-flavored soda in Salisbury, North Carolina, amid a sugar shortage. The name “Cheerwine” reflects both its burgundy-red color and its cheery disposition. Instantly becoming a taste sensation, Cheerwine offers a bubbly effervescence that makes it the perfect companion for your Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the name Cheerwine was derived from its beautiful burgundy-red color and its uplifting, cheery bubbles? 

Customer Testimonials

One of our customers shared, “While pairing Thanksgiving dinner with wine is great for the adults, the kids need to enjoy those wonderful flavors that pair with that juicy turkey and mashed potatoes as well. It’s great to share some of our old-time favorites with the kids.”

Other Nostalgic Sodas available at Mister Soda Pops

While Cheerwine is a standout, let’s not forget other memorable sodas that can also make your Thanksgiving dinner special. Here are some other classic sodas you may want to consider:

  1. Moxie: One of the oldest sodas in America, with a bitter taste that contrasts sweet desserts perfectly.
  2. Faygo: Known for its wide range of flavors, Faygo offers something for everyone.
  3. RC Cola: A classic cola that brings back memories of yesteryears.
  4. Nehi: With flavors like grape, orange, and peach, Nehi offers a fruity twist.


So, this Thanksgiving, make your meal a feast for all generations by including some nostalgic sodas. Stop by Mister Soda Pops and take advantage of our special promotion to make your holiday dinner truly unforgettable.